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We are happy to offer information on or Saddle Fit System in german and english here.

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Wir freuen uns sehr, euch hier Informationen zu unserem Sattelsystem auf deutsch und englisch zur Verfügung zu stellen.

If you could build your own saddle, would you build it
to fit your horse standing still or to hug your horse‘s back in motion?

Each of us wants to make the “right” choices about saddles and accessories and every choice has an enormous impact on the relationship we have with our horses. 15 years of worldwide research and extensive product development incorporating more breeds and sizes of horses than has probably been considered in history has resulted in a unique Saddle System Concept. It is designed to allow the horse to move with comfort and ease while balancing the rider in a secure position.


"I love my EASY RIDER, I give it thumbs up 5 plus.
My horse moves very well in it and it's comfortable.
We both appreciate it”

Judy W, - United States

WOW!! She responded to my body cues better than ever, I felt right where I should be, balanced and all. The way she moves freely is ... well it does not feel like she's got a saddle on, but she even moves better than with the bareback pad on (now I think that's because my balance is crap on the pad and I get in her way)... I am beyond happy ! Super excited, can't wait to keep going!!

Donnatienne P. - United Kingdom | Natural Performer

…it fits all my horses, has a wonderful deep seat...this is one of those saddles that you can be IN instead of ON, whether doing ranch work, roping or western dressage maneuvers (which I am enjoying a lot these days). Every time I have more horses to ride and find myself in one of the old saddles I used to think I loved, I am always happy to get back to this one! And my horses are happier, to be sure! I absolutely love the customized California styling and workmanship that you put into this saddle to suit me. I’m proud to have my LS brand on it.

Dave Ellis - United States | Vaquero Roper